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Thursday 22 March 2012

One member One Vote

There was a resolution I was really excited to discuss at the AGM and sadly, it didn't even hit the floor, despite many attempts to amend the agenda to get it on the floor.

I do not agree with OMOV for motions at the AGM (at this time) because the debate, amendments and changes on the floor need to be heard. Perhaps in the future by live streaming, but at this time I would like to see OMOV explored for BCTF EC positions.

I have heard people say that it wouldn't make a difference anyway, that the AGM is rep. by pop. and therefore the results would still be the same, just more people voting... maybe so, but is it not worth the discussion?

I feel that our union should look at this OMOV option to allow all members the option to vote and be more involved.

Arguements I have heard against it include:

-You need to hear the speeches and see who members vote

-People sometimes run from the floor.

-Uninformed members won't vote with all the information.

These arguements are minor roadblocks to implementing OMOV.

I could see this working in one of a few ways:

-Online voting

-Voting in-person by local (much like a strike vote)

-Voting by mail-in ballot

What I would most like to see is an advance vote. I think there should be a deadline for candidates to put forth their names and then a date prior to AGM that all candidates submit their written platform and perhaps even video speech or live stream Q & A through our secure BCTF portal.

Just think of all the extra time we would have at the AGM to discuss actual business and not campaigns, propoganda, candidate speeches and even the actual voting process.

Results could be announced at the AGM after advance voting occurs prior to the meeting.

Yes, things would have to change. People could no longer run from the floor, candidates may not be able to do the "drop-down" option currently in place (or maybe they can?) but why not explore this option in order to hear more members?

I think if given the option to vote, more members would become informed and that results may or may not change, but at least we have a more democratic process allowing for more voices to be heard.

I have started engaging in conversation with other teachers on this possibility and am learning so much about options and benefits and barriers. But, the conversation is happening and that is the first step!

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