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Friday 4 May 2012

Game: 4 Corners Soccer

This week I was teaching gym for Elementary School in the afternoons and wanted to choose an activity that was engaging, active, fun and kept them all physical.

4 corners soccer is one of my favourite PE games for all of those reasons. It keeps everyoen active, no one is left out, all abilities can enjoy it and the kids love it!

If you haven't played, let me explain:

1. each corner of the gym has a net (or use a gm bench to corner it off as a goal)
2. create 4 even teams (use pinnies if available)
3. Have teams go behind the nets when you blow the whistle twice (to signify the start of a new round)
4. Use 1-4 balls to keep everyone active
5. Ensure each team assigns a goalie each round (I make them rotate so everyone has a turn)
6. Create different "rules" for example only two teams at once (I often let the two who were out first the previous round go first) or "girls only" or if it's a split class one grade at a time - just to change it up.
7. Once scored on a team is "out" and sits/stands behind their net until next round.
8. With older students I award one point for first team out, 2, 3 and 4 points for last team out, with younger students, I emphasize it is fun and once you are out, it is not for long.

Here are some adaptations and other version of the game you may want to try:





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