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Saturday 21 April 2012

LRB Ruling & BCTF Action Plan

I was at the Metro-East-Fraser-Valley Zone plenary when the LRB Ruling came through. It was interesting to be in a room of teachers when this news came through and we quickly put the ruling on the screen and read through it.


It confuses me how the LRB ruled in November 2011 that report cards were not "essential" when BCPSEA tried to penalize teachers 15% of their wage for not completeing formal report cards, yet they now require teachers to immediately 'submit marks and prepare student reports'

I do feel that the communication throughout the school year between parents and teachers should provide enough feedback until final marks at the end of the year. I also feel that parents who do not feel they have enough information should request information from their child's teacher.

I feel like this leaves teachers' with only extra curriculars to withhold to try and get fair negotiation... or a fair mediator... or a fair ANYTHING! When will students education become a priority?

It is extremely frustrating to know that my teacher colleagues now have aprox. one week to prepare report cards for all their students. How thorough can these reports be given that time line and the circustances under which they are ordered to write them?

As a Teacher-teaching-on-call I do not prepare report cards, however, I have had temporary contracts in the past in which I had to prepare report cards and I know that this timeline is completely unreasonable, especially given the volume of students and classes many teachers have. Furthermore, given the current political climate and stresses facing teachers, this added demand and amount of time to complete is fairly ridiculous.

But, we move forward...

I wonder what will happen next. The BCTF voted 73% in favour of the proposed Action Plan and so we move forward with that now, however, I don't know what to expect when the 'cooling off' period ends, nor do I know what to expect from this 'mock mediation' with Mr. Jago, who helped write Bill 22. Lastly, I do not know what to expect in September and I feel like public education is once again needing support and teachers are once again (or still?) fighting for students learning conditions.

When will public education become a priority in BC? Why is it a balanced budget always falls on the backs of public education and our students?

I am frustrated - again.... at where we are at and worried about where we may end up!

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