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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Happy Halloween

I was talking with a friend of mine who teaches Primary. After the pumpkin patch field trip and hours of baking in preparation for her young students 'Halloween Party' at school tomorrow, she asked, "So what are you doing with Middle Schoolers?"

Yes, Halloween has arrived and while "parties" can be fun, so can learning! I try to avoid "parties" in class, but I do love to have "holiday activities" and with Middle Schoolers there are a lot of options that are educational AND fun!

My teaching partner and I have planned a few Halloween themed lessons which will cover math, grammar, writing, critical thinking and eating treats... 4 out of 5 are highly educational, not to mention fun.

I have a SMARTboard interactive lesson I created last month and have been saving for Halloween. It is a grammar game with spooky characters and themes.

Also, I teach French and we will be doing L'Halloween vocabulary review BINGO for "les bonbons"

Some other classes in our school are doing pumpkin carving/decorating and the leadership team is creating a "haunted portable" for classes to go through.... spooky fun!

The internet is a wealth of resources for Halloween acitvities. If you are TTOCing having some fun activities ready to go is a good idea as the students are often excited for the holiday and anything fun, education and structured will help you get through the day.

Here are some things I found.... you may also check out pintrest for great ideas!

High School:

SmartBoard Lessons:

Arts & Crafts:

All Levels:

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