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Tuesday 12 February 2013

ipad apps for interactive and engaging classroom

Engaging Presentations using ipad apps writes:

If you are tired of PowerPoint and Keynote, it's easy to change up your normal routine. As much as I love these presentation tools, it's important to keep my audience engaged, and often a quick deviation from the usual is the perfect trick.
There are so many fantastic free iPad apps that are great for the classroom. Whether you have access to a single iPad that you use to create presentations for your students, or your students are creating their own presentations in a 1:1 classroom, you'll want to add these to your must-have list!

  1. Haiku Deck - feels a bit like powerpoint slides, but short bits of text
  2. Prezi - Great for presentations, like a slide show but on one page that zooms in and out of sections to show presentation.
  3. Screencasting - copies screen and allows voice integration. Great for showing a lesson.
  4. Educreations - works like a SMARTboard on your ipad
  5. Screenchomp - copy screen easily
  6. Doceri - screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard combined into one
  7. Snapguide - create step by step guides
I have only used two of these before (Prezi and Screenchomp) so I found this list exciting to read about.

Have you used any of these in  your classroom? Tell us about it!!

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