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Friday 12 April 2013

The Bullying Games this weekend at Terry Fox Theatre

I am excited to check out Bullying Games this weekend.

The Bullying Games is a show based on research completed in selected SD43 schools by the Leadership Group from Terry Fox Secondary. The group went into Elementary, Middle and Secondary Schools and selected students were asked a series of questions on bullying. Using these real life incidents, the show looks at these bullying issues from the victims’ point of view as well as the bullies.

The Bullying Games


  1. Your blog deals with interesting issues. Just to add some thoughts about bullying: An aspect rarely mentioned is shunning or ignoring. Not being included can be very hurtful, especially to shy kids who don’t have the skills to include themselves in activities and social groups. I think teachers need to be aware that this sense of exclusion can feel demeaning and be as hurtful and embarrassing as mean words are to some kids who are silent and never complain.

  2. Some great reviews about The Bullying Games: