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Monday 17 February 2014

TTOC Days: The boy with painted red nails

Today I was a Teacher-Teaching-On-Call [TTOC] in a Grade 2/3 class for the afternoon. Right after lunch we had science and as students wrote their predictions, I noticed a young boy with brightly painted red nails.

I said, "love the nails, did you see mine?" (I have pink flowers painted on mine and showed him) he said, "nice, I had red lipstick to match my nails on the weekend" 

another boy sitting nearby said, "my mom won't let me wear nail polish, or lipstick" I asked, "How come?" he said, "no make up for me or my sisters until high school" 

I smiled, "that seems fair, I have the same rule in my house" ha ha - love it!

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