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Sunday 1 June 2014

Passions Projects: DaVinci Day

In the middle school I work in, we do an annual Renaissance Fair for the grade eights each year. They get to rotate through stations to learn a bit on various areas of Renaissance, then choose a "passion" or are to explore. They guide their own journey, learning and creating to share at the fair. This link popped up in my twitter feed and I really like the idea and thought I'd share it here. See more here

DaVinci Day provides an opportunity for students to pursue, research, and share  an area of interest, passion, or curiosity. Providing a time and space to do this type of work in school allows students to begin to see the connections between seemingly isolated academic content and skills, and the real world they will face and influence. When the school experience can be viewed with the perspective of how it will help in the pursuit of their own goals and curiosities, students become more engaged, and education becomes much more relevant. Finding and honing one’s own strengths and talents, assisted by the accumulation of knowledge and skills,  paves the way to fulfillment as well as success. 

Basic Requirements:
1. You must COMPLETE a DaVinci Day Project for the year. 
2. Your project must answer a question that you pose.
3. Your question must be complex and detailed.
4. You must share and "publish" your findings.

See more here

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