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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Spring Themed Books for the Classroom

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Frog Song1. Frog SongWritten by Brenda Z. Guiberson, illustrated by Gennady Spirin. $17.99.
Croak! Ribbit! Plonk! Readers will learn about different frog species from around the world in this lyrical tribute to amphibian life. Best for grades K-2.
Activity to try: Show students where the various frogs mentioned in the story live by zooming in on their ecosystems via Google Earth.
My First Day2. My First DayWritten by Robin Page and Steve Jenkins, illustrated by Steve Jenkins. $16.99.
This bright, colorful picture book from one of our favorite nonfiction teams explains what the first day of life is like for 22 different baby animals, describing what the newbies can do, eat and explore. Best for grades K-2.
Activity to try: Invite students to make T-charts or Venn diagrams comparing what newborn humans can do to one of the animals mentioned in the book.
It's Our Garden3. It’s Our GardenWritten by George Ancona. $16.99.
This simple book tells the true story of one school’s garden from planting to harvest, featuring bright, colorful photographs of the student gardeners in action. If you already have a garden, this is a great introduction to some of the experiences your students will have, and if you don’t, well—you’ll be inspired to start one! Best for grades K-3.
Activity to try: Write the story’s sequence of events onto note cards. Then mix them up and challenge students to put them in order.
The Worm Whisperer4. The Worm WhispererWritten by Betty Hicks, illustrated by Ben Hatke. $16.99.
In this sweet middle-grade novel, fourth-grader Ellis Coffey is determined to win his town’s annual Wooly Worm race and the accompanying $1,000 prize in order to pay for his father’s back surgery.Best for grades 2-5.
Activity to try: Check out some photos from the actual Wooly Worm race in Banner Elk, North Carolina.
Awesome Blossom5. Awesome BlossomWritten by Lauren Myracle. $16.95.
If your upper-elementary girls don’t know Myracle’s “Flower Power” series, they’re in for a treat. Myracle nails the ups and downs of fifth-grade friendship between four girls who all share flower names. Best for grades 4-6.
Activity to try: Invite students to research the meaning behind the girls’ floral namesakes. Do the meanings match the girls’ personalities? Why or why not?
What spring-themed tales do you share with your students?

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