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Thursday 7 May 2020

Self Regulation - Gauging Emotions and Goal Setting

Teach how to gauge emotions. I love to use an emotions scale that helps students gauge the level of their emotions. So often, kids who struggle with self-regulation skills are missing this internal meter that lets us know how intense our emotions are at the moment. This helps students learn to be more self-aware about their emotions and body, and once students are more self-aware, they can be more open to finding solutions for their struggles.

Strategies for kids and teens to help build self regulation skills, including fun and interactive games, books, mindfulness, calming strategies, and lessons. Teaching these skills for self-regulation and self-control can help students become more successful and gives them the tools they need. #selfregulation #selfcontrol #pathway2success

Incorporate self-reflection times. All kids and young adults can benefit from becoming more self-reflective. That involves assessing past behaviors and choices, as well as identifying next steps for improvement. This can be a tough skill for kids to learn at first, especially because it can be so personal to admit where you went wrong. I suggest creating a reflection binder that holds information about student SMART goals and areas that the student needs to improve. Each reflection binder really should be individualized because every student needs to work on different things. Some students of mine had data on grades, while others focused more on behavior or attendance. Meet weekly with the student as an intervention. Discuss the goals, progress made, challenges, and next steps for the future. Most of all, try to let the student take the lead! This can slowly help him or her develop the ability to self-reflect and self-regulate in the future.

SOURCE: https://www.thepathway2success.com/15-strategies-to-help-build-self-regulation-skills/

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