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Thursday 3 May 2012

Student Strategies: Asking for help

I saw this neat idea I wanted to share.

It's a flap, triangle desktop sign.

So a piece of paper is folded in THREE sections and then the ends taped together to make a triangle.

One side says: Make not of question and keep working.
Next side says: I'm Fine
Last side says: Please Help.

The idea is when the "Please Help" is facing up, so the teacher can see it, the "Make a note of your question and keep working" is facing the student.

This is a way for teacher's to visually see who needs help and not hold students up waiting for a teacher to get to them, which can take time in a large class.

Another strategy for similar situations, is to take a red cup and a creen cup and tape them together. (Or use them to stack inside of each other) The student can flip the red or green up if they need help or are working fine.

I like the idea of visual cues, because it allows students to continue working instead of having to hold up their hand and distract or stop them from continuing on.

Another method I saw in a friends class was a "Take a Number" bin. This way she could call numbers up and students could be helped individually, but not be standing at her desk waiting for their turn.

One of the great things about TOCing is learning new strategies from all the different classes I am in and teachers I meet. Also, getting to try new things with the classes I am in and students I teach.

What other strategies or ideas do you use in yoru classroom for students to ask for help?

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