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Sunday 2 December 2012

TTOC Classroom Management Workshop

Last week I presented a BCTF workshop: TTOC Classroom Management to a group of our local Teachers-Teaching-On-Call. It was incredible to share strategies and situations everyone has encountered in their careers.

The workshop explores prevention, intervention and action for various types of classrooms TTOCs may encounter and allows for TTOCs to share strategies and things they are tried (both successful and not.so.much)

What I loved most was hearing ideas grow through discussion. For example one teacher would talk about a challenging situation they experienced and the things they tried, and the things they may have tried if it happened again, then other TTOCs offered ways they have handled similar situations or asked questions about the scenario and reflected on what they may do.

It is amazing that most Classroom Management workshops focus on the rapport and connection over time, but TTOCs do not always have that option. Their first 5 minutes in a classroom are like a contract teachers first month. No time to develop new routines, they either learn the classroom teachers and adapt or explain quickly and clearly their expectations and make sure students 'Buy-in'

Overall, I really enjoyed facilitating the workshop and engaging in discussion with other teachers in our district.

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