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Wednesday 1 May 2013

24 Hour News: Front Page Story... Advertisement...

24 Hours - May 1 edition

The Tyee.ca blog - The Election Hook
Natascia Lipny
May 1, 2013

The cover of today's 24 Hours Vancouver is a paid advertisement by the BC Liberals -- an editorial decision that has some readers upset over a perceived lack of clarity that the ad is indeed an ad.
The front page features a large photograph of the premier emblazoned with the headline "Poll: Christy Clark stands tall in debate." followed by "Comeback Kid." Beneath it, a caption and Ipsos Reid poll results mimic 24 Hours' layout style.

The advertisement continues on page two, followed by the paper's actual front page.
I showed my class this front page as part of our studies and participation with Student Vote. I presented it unbiased as an educator, and asked what they noticed about the front page. Then once they discovered the "paid advertisement" and I revealed the other front page (the real one, about the Canucks game) we discussed the pros and cons of doing a full page, front page, advertisement like that.
Among their comments:
-clever way to get people thinking about her before the vote
-makes people think she is the better candidate after the debate
-costs a lot of money, who pays for it?
-people may not trust Christy Clark because she tried to trick people
Smart kids eh?

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