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Saturday 9 November 2013

Advent Calendar Idea...

I remember in Grade 1 we had an advent calendar for a class of 24 students. I remember we each for one chocolate and did a name draw for the 25th chocolate. I won!

My classmates hates me for it.

But I was so proud, because I had never won anything in my (short) life.

This idea, however, will ensure no one is jacked up on sugar in class, no student with allergies are left out, and no classmates get jealous of another....


Wrap each book up and each day unwrap one to read as a class. I am thinking this may be something great to do at home with my daughter, but also, could be done easily in class.

I wondered about the "Christmas" theme and how to avoid any issues with that - but what about if some books talked about different December celebrations? So it wasn't just Christmas?

This year (and last) I teach middle school and part of our curriculum is World Religions, so we study all the different celebrations.

Anyways, I just thought this is a great way to promote literacy, reading, Christmas countdown, and avoid sugary treats =)

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