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Wednesday 1 April 2020

Secondary Units online

Okay... where are my secondary people?

Ontario has some e-learning units that are non-credit study kits essentially up all the time.

They are in the process of developing credit course work given the current circumstances, however, I found these online recently and had my daughter find her courses (or if they weren't there, find the previous grade or similar course) to review some of the lessons.

Here are the units and courses: https://lah.elearningontario.ca/

What I will say since most of my readers tend to be BC teachers (or friends ha!) Ontario has a different secondary program than BC....

The easiest way to explain it is that they have three streams of academics...

1. Open - take to graduate
2. college - take if you plan to pursue college
3. university - take if you plan to pursue university

So that may help if you are looking at the different courses and wondering why there are so many English classes.


I guess the Ministry introduced academic and applied back in 1999 for grades 9 and 10. One being theories and abstract (academic) and one being more hands on essentials (applied) then in Grades 11 and 12 there are open (open to all for graduation credits), college (appropriate if you plan to pursue college) and university (university prep courses)

It is still very confusing to me as an educator coming from BC but basically if you take open courses and want to go to post secondary you can take a "lap year" to take the required academic courses, or if you figure it out early enough (before graduations) you can take required coursework.

Coming in with my daughter entering grade 11 we were (and still are) thoroughly confused - but that's a different rant not for today.

I may be explaining it poorly but that is only because no one could really explain it to me clearly. they did give me a handout flow chart but that was the first week of September when school had started and my kiddo was still not registered despite starting the process 4 months earlier in May, before we even moved.

Le Sigh.

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