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Thursday 2 April 2020

Self Regulation Sensory Tools

Self Regulation Tools have been popular for a long time but more and more "zen dens" and "sensory spaces" have become common in schools and classrooms. Last Thursday I started a weekly post on self regulation tools to share.

Here are a few cool tools....


Weighted stuffed animals - https://beezeeart.com/blogs/beezeeartblog/all-about-weighted-stuffed-animals  (includes sewing instructions to make your own)

Here is something you can make at home: Kinestic sand recipe - https://www.thoughtco.com/kinetic-sand-recipe-604167


Strategies for kids and teens to help build self regulation skills, including fun and interactive games, books, mindfulness, calming strategies, and lessons. Teaching these skills for self-regulation and self-control can help students become more successful and gives them the tools they need. #selfregulation #selfcontrol #pathway2success

As far as body breaks and movement - here is a resource with daily activities:


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