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Monday 27 February 2012

BC Fed Survey shows public support for teachers

Monday February 28, 2012 Teachers across B.C. will participate in a Provincial Day of Action.

This weekend's survey shows the public also support teachers...

The B.C. Federation of Labour released a public opinion survey today that shows British Columbians are on the side of teachers, and overwhelmingly support a negotiated settlement through mediation or arbitration.

“British Columbians are absolutely clear - they want government to negotiate a fair settlement with teachers,” said Sinclair. “They do not want government to act unilaterally.”

“If Premier Clark is on the side of families, she’ll listen to those families who are telling her to support mediation, and if necessary arbitration,” said Sinclair. “On Monday, we expect the Premier’s appointee to the Labour Board to approve mediation and that she’ll abandon her plans to impose a contract through legislation.”

Key findings in the poll include:

•89% support for the appointment of an arbitrator, with the power to end
the dispute
•82% support for the appointment of a mediator
•61% say teachers should hold out for at a least a cost of living increase
(only 32% believe teachers should accept no wage increase)
•63% of parents believe that their children’s learning has not been
affected negatively by the teachers’ job action

Read more at The B.C. Federation of Labour website. See the public opinion survey results here

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