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Saturday 3 March 2012

New Teacher Conference 2012

I spent yesterday and today at the BCTF New Teacher Conference.

I attend a lot of conferences and I have to say this one is one of the most enjoyable. The conference is attended by a lot of Student Teachers as well as new teachers and TTOCs. There are a number of workshops to choose from and exhibitors tables to browse. Although some TTOCs complained the workshops seemed overly tailored to Student Teachers, others thought they were just perfect for any new teacher.

There was a diversity of workshops offered and tons of freebies and resources.

I was one of the reps manning the TTOC AC Table and we had an acronym sheet to help new teachers understand what all the letters being thrown around meant. We also had "Proud to be a Teacher" buttons and information for TTOCs in BC.

Today we had a spin wheel where teachers could spin and get a prize. We would ask a trivia question related to TTOCs and then they would get some BCTF Swag (touque, ruler, t-shirt, bag, etc.)

Even if they got the question wrong, they seemed appreciative if the knowledge and eager to learn more.

There were lot's of awesome free resources as well as some for sale. I came home with a ton of new resources, which I talk about here.

It was nice to see so many optimistic, energetic, new teachers and
student teachers. I really encourage new teachers and TTOCs to check out the BCTF New Teachers' Conference next year!

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