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Thursday 12 April 2012

Exit Slips

A nice way to end a class is to use exit slips. It is a way to touch base with each student as they leave the class. Often I will stand at the door to "collect" the exit slip. I always let students know ahead of time what the exit slip is and how it works.

"Before you leave today I will be collecting an exit slip. As you leave I will be at the door and you will .... / the exit slip today is....."

Generally 'exit slips' are written format and answer a question or use a writing prompt. Students are given time to fill them out and hand them in as they leave. However, I have modified this to use in different ways as a TTOC. When using the exit slips traditionally, I leave them for the classroom teacher to read through if they choose.

Here are some suggestions for 'exit slips' as a TTOC in various classrooms:

For High School:
  • A piece of paper that lists the most important thing discussed today or 3 words to describe a topic discussed in class.
  • Their in-class assignment
For Middle School:
  • Same as Highschool
  • High 5 and tell you the most important thing discussed today or favourite part of the day/class.
  • Show you three pieces of garbage or recycling they picked up from the floor
For Elementary School:
  • Same as Middle School
  • Often instead of a high 5 I do a 'pound it' or 'fist bump' or 'elbow tap' or head nod. I just decided to change it up with the young kids because of all the germs on their hands.
  • If you end the day at your desks or in circle time you can use exit slips from there as a method to chose who is dismissed or lines up to leave or gets their stuff from the cloak room also.

Here are some templates and examples of ways to use exit slips: