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Monday 11 June 2012

What's a PSA?

What is a PSA?

A PSA is a Provincial Specialist Associations and it is an excellent way to connect with colleagues in a particular specialty area.

While there is currently no "TTOC" PSA (I would love to see that change in the future!!!) PSAs provide conferences, PRO D opportunities, newsletters and support for teachers. Every October there is a PSA Pro D Day where conferences and workshops are available.

PSA memberships are available to TTOCs and the first one is free! Additionally, ProD funds can help cover any conference fees etc. If you teach in Coquitlam call the CTA for details!

Due to the changing demographics of TTOCs and the number of TTOCs that are career TTOCs, TTOCs by choice, or awaiting conversion/contracts but spend more time as a TTOC than what used to be the norm, I think a TTOC PSA would be amazing! I am interested in learning more about how to get one started, so if you or a TTOC you know is interested, let me know!

Here is a list of the PSAs you can join:
ABCDEAssociation of BC Drama Educators
AEAAboriginal Education Association (formerly known as First Nations Education Association FNEA)
AEGTCCBCAssociation for Educators of Gifted, Talented and Creative Children in BC
AEPSAAdult Educators’ Provincial Specialist Association
APPIPCAssociation Provinciale des Professeurs d’Immersion et du Programme Francophone
BCAEABC Alternate Education Association
BCAMTBC Association of Mathematics Teachers
BCATABC Art Teachers’ Association
BCATMLBC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages
BCBEABC Business Education Association
BCCASABC Culinary Arts Specialist Association
BCCLABC Co-operative Learning Association
BCDEABC Dance Educators’ Association
BCEDLBC Educators For Distributed Learning: Hospital/Homebound & Distance Education Teachers
BCMEABC Music Educators’ Association
BCPTABC Primary Teachers’ Association
BCRSSTABC Rural & Small Schools Teachers’ Association
BCSCABC School Counsellors’ Association
BCScTABC Science Teachers’ Association
BCSSTABC Social Studies Teachers’ Association
BCTEABC Technology Education Association
BCTELABC Teachers of English Language Arts
BCTLABC Teacher-Librarians’ Association
CUEBCComputer-Using Educators of BC
EEPSAEnvironmental Educators’ Provincial Specialist Association
ESLPSAEnglish as a Second Language Provincial Specialist Association
LATALearning Assistance Teachers’ Association
PAGEB.C. Teachers for Peace and Global Education
PEBCPhysical Education Teachers of BC
PITAProvincial Intermediate Teachers’ Association
SEASpecial Education Association
THESATeachers of Home Economics Specialist Association

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