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Monday 15 October 2012

Photos as teaching tools...

Some of my friends and I have started to take more photos of nature and things we find beautiful or interesting. I love sharing photos with my class and using them as prompts for discussions, writing, etc.

In the past, when I have taught EAL/ESL (English as an Additional/a Second Language)I have used photos, magazine covers, pictures of any type and allowed them to write sentences or talk about the picture as a warm-up activity. This helps them with written and / or speaking because they are using vocabulary and forming sentences.

In a regular class I have used photos as prompts for story writing, making connections, and speaking/mini-speeches.

I now make it a point to try and use my own photos and usually have my camera with me to capture things I think may be interesting to use for my classroom activity.

As a TTOC, having a few photos in your 'bag of tricks' you can use them for any of the above ideas. Here are a few more recent photos:

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