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Thursday 2 May 2013


Listening - to my fan blowing, it is actually hot enough to turn it on today =) Summer is near!
Loving - my puppy snuggles, she is 5 months old now!
Thinking - about the election coming up May 14, I am doing a lot with the local candidate I support as well as some work with my local union to call and remind teachers to vote for public education!
Wanting - to get rid of the cough I have... busy week, not enough rest, the cold/sinus infection I have has got the best of me!
Needing - to re-organize my work bag, it is stuffed with things from a very busy week, lot's of meetings, lengthy to do list.
Summer Bucket List - camping... tent, camp fire, swimming in the lake... we didn't get to it last summer and I regret it entirely!

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