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Saturday 31 August 2013

Pintrest in Action... Setting up the classroom

My good friend and colleague has been back at school all week setting up her Grade 4/5 classroom.

She is active on pintrest and used a lot of the pins she found over the summer to implement in her classroom.

Last year she changed the set-up of her class. She wanted to observe how students worked in different seating arrangements and how it changed when she set up sseating assignments vs. when students chose their own.

The Options:
She had tables lined up on each side of the classroom with bleachers at one end (and clipboards) as well as big comfy rugs in the middle. There is also a cloak room area to work in, the hallway and a table in a cubby area down the hall. Students often have the choice of where to work during work time.

This Year:
She has continued with the lay out of the classroom listed above and has implemented some awesome pintrest ideas. I wanted to share some of the photos...

On her desk to organize everything easily

Drop Zone - handing in work

Help Wanted and Job applications for class jobs

Clothespins with students names or numbers will be attached to this chart and be moved if needed throughout the day.

Each student has a number and they can move their magnet if they leave the room (Especially good in this class given the choices of where they may go work in and around the school)

No Name? No Problem! Clip up work here

Class volume

See similar: Voice O Meter

If they get too noisy she will add one of these letters up on the board. If they spell noise it becomes a 'no talking' time

Book Hospital, a tub to put damaged books into so they can be fixed

Clip boards (for workers on the bleachers) and school supplies

Dry Erase pens with "puff balls" attached to lids for easy erasing

Shelves she  bought to put tubs on, each student gets a tub to keep their supplies (since she doesn't have traditional desks with storage in them)

Shout Out Box, if you have something nice to say about someone, write it down and put it in the box

Her class library, full of all the books she has bought and some comfy chairs

She writes a blog here and recently did her masters exploring classroom design. I always love going to her class and have talked about her classroom design before.

I had to share these photos she posted of her class, because she is an amazing teacher and has some great ideas! Her students are very lucky to have such a caring teacher and a welcoming and innovative classroom!

For TTOCs:

Which of these could you implement as a TTOC? I like the "NOISE" letter idea for classroom management as well as the number magnets for leaving the room.

Check out this post with some more ideas: HERE

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