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Monday 25 November 2013

I am thankful for Pumpkin Pie... Craft/Writing activity

While I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving back in October, my teacher friends to the south celebrate this week. I am planning to enjoy some American (late) Thanksgiving Saturday night with friends and family, and can NOT wait for some delicious turkey and pumpkin pie.

This easy-peasy craft / writing assignment can be done with elementary students. I have included photos, materials, instructions and source links in both French and English.

My Canadian colleagues may wish to file this away for next October, but my American readers can enjoy it this week. All you need is some orange paper, paper plates, scissors, markers and paper fasteners/pin (for the middle so it can spin)

Students can write a few things they are thankful for, cut the orange paper into a circle slightly smaller than the paper plate with a "slice" cut out. Then fasten together like so.....

Pumpkin Pie Spinner Craft.  Encourages kids to reflect on what they are thankful for.   Primary French Immersion Resources: L'Action de GrĂ¢ce

Easy-Peasy? You could even do some cutting prep ahead of time if they are younger/primary.



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