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Friday 21 November 2014

Invigorate your classroom - strategies to energize

Every day presents a new opportunity, and that's why we're giving you five totally easy, totally doable tricks to invigorate learning (and to refresh your outlook) in your classroom today. Because an energized classroom drives results. And excited learners can accomplish big things. And because it's a long time until winter break ... not that we're counting down or anything. Here are our ideas:
  1. Show them some classic snapshots.
    Project a series of classic photographs onto your whiteboard. (For example, these on American labor history and these on the former Soviet Union.) Ask your students to look and imagine what it would have felt like to be in that photo.
  2. Redecorate.
    We know those Pinterest-worthy bulletin boards you made for back-to-school were just about perfect ... for back-to-school. But now that the school year is up and going, why not give your classroom walls a refresh? If you need some inspiration, check out these free printable posters from WeAreTeachers.
  3. Get hands-on.
    This is an obvious one, but it's also an easy one to forget when the glitter glue hits the fan. Sometimes a simple hands-on experiment or activity is all it takes to bring some excitement back into your classroom. (Need hands-on ideas? Try these easy and funFoldables.)
  4. Let them watch cartoons.
    What kid doesn't love Saturday morning cartoons? Expand on that by finding fun, short, entertaining cartoons (like these on essential reading skills) that enrich the teaching that you're doing.
  5. Celebrate!
    Not every day can be Halloween or Valentine's Day (thank goodness!), but celebrating the "little" holidays with big learning can really make a lesson memorable. So check out McGraw-Hill Education's Get Inspired Board on Pinterest and get fun ideas to celebrate things like National STEM Day, Honey Bee Day and more with your students.

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SOURCE - http://www.weareteachers.com/blogs/post/2014/09/25/5-simple-tricks-to-invigorate-learning-in-your-classroom-today

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