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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Basketball Trivia

Basketball Trivia Game I use as a TTOC to extend a lesson or do review on almost any subject.

1. Split the class into two teams.
2. One person from each team comes up to the front of class and is asked a trivia question.
3. You can have them write the answer on the board, or shout the answer out first.
4. Use their weekly spelling words, French vocabulary, math equation or any question related to what they are learning in class.
5. Whoever gets the correct answer can take a 'basketball shot'
6. You may use a ball and wastebasket or any item safe to throw into any container.
7. You may set up 1, 3 and 5 point lines to shoot the ball from.

I use a hacky sac or stress ball that is small, soft and is always in my backpack / toc bag of tricks.

1. one student from each team comes up
2. I say "jaune"
3. First one to touch their head (and not shout out answer) I say "go ahead"
4. They say "yellow"
5. Correct, I give them the ball to shoot.
6. Student chooses to shoot from 1, 3 or 5 point line.
7. If they score they get the amount of points they shot from.

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