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Monday 3 September 2012

Back to School... Get Your Bag of Tricks Ready

The first week of school for TTOCs can be slow. Often there are not a lot of calls to go in for work, but there are things you can do during that week to prepare for a busy school year.

One suggestion I give to TTOCs is to take this time to get your "Bag of Tricks" ready to go. A 'Bag of Tricks' is something I have with me when I go into any classroom. The items in there will have you prepared for (almost) any situation. Here are some items in my bag:

  • Writing Utensils
    • pens
    • pencils
    • overhead pens
    • dry erase pens
    • chalk
  • Activities
    • mad libs
    • sudoku
    • picture book
    • playing cards
    • dice
  • Personal Items
    • Lunch
    • Running Shoes
    • Tylenol
    • Tissues
    • Waterbottle
    • Mints
    • whistle
  • Extras
    • stamps or stickers
    • small beanbag or ball
    • prizes or rewards
    • your card or contact info
I also like to have my camera or cell phone to snap photos of bulletin boards, classroom set-up, and such that I like.

What do you always bring with you?
Comment below with your ideas to share....

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