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Sunday 15 December 2013

Home Ec: Currently Cooking: Rustic Apple tarts and fried rice

Last week we made 'Rustic Apple Tarts' with our Grade 8s. They make their own dough on day one and then day two they fill their tarts. I have to say, VERY delicious!!!

Our grade 6/7s made fried rice. Day one was chopping veggies and preparing while day two was frying everything up - pretty delicious! I think if we had the budget to add chicken or a meat, it would have been even better!

As part of the 'Re Think Your Drink' and 'SIP Smart' lessons, we make healthy smoothies each term so students can taste how even avocado, kale, spinach, berries and rice milk can taste delicious!

Speaking of smoothies, this article about smoothies was pretty interesting... I think people forget that even though fruit is providing natural sugars, it is still sugar (albeit better than added sugars) moderation is key.

This week we are finishing up our holiday baking (sugar cookies and shortbread) before Winter Break. January is term three... I can't believe how quickly these Home Ec terms go by! 8 or so weeks! Crazy! And they are only 40 minute blocks each day!

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