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Sunday 19 January 2014

1981 LEGO Ad compared to today's feminized 'girl toys'

Pay attention, 2014 Mad Men: This little girl is holding a LEGO set. The LEGOs are not pink or "made for girls." She isn't even wearing pink. The copy is about "younger children" who "build for fun." Not just "girls" who build. ALL KIDS.
In an age when little girls and boys are treated as though they are two entirely different species by toy marketers, this 1981 ad for LEGO -- one of our favorite images ever -- issues an important reminder.

You need to check out the comparisons of toys then and now - it is astonishing how much things have changed and how much "girlie girl" advertising is happening now compared to the 80s [which is when I grew up with transformers, lego, barbies, Rainbow Brite, She-Ra, He-Man and G.I. Joes]
Why have toys for girls become so feminized?  

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