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Saturday 18 February 2012

Abbott claims it is "discrimination" to limit class size and composition?

It upsets me to hear our Minister of Education, George Abbott saying that limiting the number of special needs students in a class is "discriminatory"

What is discriminatory is jam-packing so many students into a class that they can't get the extra attention they need to learn.

Special needs or not, EVERY student deserves positive learning conditions, and that means positive working conditions for teachers.

Calling Class Size & Composition requests "discriminatory" is absurd! The government illegally stripped BC teacher's right to negotiate class size and composition leading to over crowded classes and inadequate support for special needs students across the Province!

Students identified may need extra time, extra attnetion, or have specific needs in which they are entitled to just like every other student.

Additionally, there are often a number of students who are not "identified" as special needs who require extra attention, extra help, certain methods or strategies to help them learn.

Limiting the number of special needs in a classroom allows those students to have access to resources and to participate fully in the class. Without limits teachers can not adequately meet the needs of every student.

As it stands, SEAs often have multiple students and with more special needs in a class, it makes the SEAs workload heavier and can become a safety issue without adequate support.

Minister Abbott needs to spend more time "IN CLASSROOMS" and not just brief public appearences "at schools" to truly understand the system ESPECIALLY before making such absurd comments about education and "discrimination"

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