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Thursday 9 February 2012

TTOC Alert #3

February 2012 Update from BCTF TTOC AC

TTOC alerts are being prepared during the job action to assist in keeping TTOCs informed about
bargaining and job action. Please pass this communication along to your teacher on-call colleagues.
1, In 2006 TTOCs gained:
Salary on scale after three days in any position
A provincial minimum daily rate
Accumulation of seniority while on scale
2. BCTF bargaining objectives

a. Salary
Year 1: 3% Cost Of Living Allowance plus 0%
Year 2: 3% Cost Of Living Allowance plus 3% market adjustment
Year 3: 3% Cost Of Living Allowance plus 3% market adjustment
Why are we asking for 15% over 3 years?

-Net zero (0%) is equivalent to a pay cut because of inflation (2011 inflation was 3%)
-To stop the gap widening between BC and other provinces we need a 12% wage increase
(Alberta is $21,000/year higher=20%+)
-Net zero (0%) over three years would widen the gap to $30,000/year at category 5 max

b. Class size and composition
Lower class sizes = more full time positions = more manageable classes

c. Benefits
Affordable benefits offered to all teachers (including TTOCs)
Paid sick days
Scale pay from day one
Salary increase for all teachers (including TTOCs)
Paid leaves
More leaves = more TTOC work
Equal access to leaves without discrimination or penalties (i.e. bereavement)

3. Contract stripping proposed by BCPSEA
(From the Report from the Provincial Table—#55, November 22, 2011)

-Virtual elimination of seniority (only used in a tie after other considerations such as “suitability
to the position and school as determined by the principal)
-Use of “performance” as a criteria for filling postings
-No requirements for how a position is posted
-No postings at all for positions filled during the year—teachers placed by employer
-No more grievance process for disputes in posting and filling

4. Where to go for more information
-Contact the staff rep at a school
-Check your local union website
-Call your local office
-Check the BCTF website/member portal
-New Teachers’ and Student Teachers’ Conference—March 2–3, 2012 (Richmond) (Register on-
line through the BCTF website)
-BCTF AGM 2012—March 17–20, 2012 (Vancouver)
-BCTF zone meetings—April 20–21, 2012 (throughout the province)
-BCTF Rep Assembly—May 25–26, 2012 (Richmond)
-BCTF Summer Conference 2012—August 23–27, 2012 (Kamloops)

February 9, 2012: Labour Minister Margaret McDiarmid appointed Trevor Hughes to report on the
progress of teacher bargaining. He will meet with both parties and repot back by February 23, 2012.
Education Minister George Abbott has said that if bargaining is not proceeding, legislation is an option.

TTOCs are reminded that this is an important time to remain aware of local meetings.

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