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Tuesday 12 March 2013

A Beautiful Way to Stop a Bully - Shane Koyczan 'To This Day'

I love Shane Koyczan.

For one, he's Canadian.

But also, an amazingly talented slam poet!

I had the pleasure of meeting him at Grouse Mountain during the Olympics. I was up to watch the TODAY SHOW and shared a gondola with him. He was very kind, though a bit shy and my daughter and husband posed for a photo with him and even got an autograph. He was well-known then as the slam poet who did "We Are More" at the Olympics.

This time he talks about Bullying and is called "To This Day" (there are some swear words FYI) but it is moving and was presented at TED in Long Beach CA. last month.

At 1:10, he talks about the unfair question grown-ups always asked when we were kids.
  • At 1:41, he walks through his career choices.
  • At 2:11, some adults tell him something awful.
  • At 3:00, he decides on an impossible career.
  • At 3:48, he blows my mind.
  • At 4:50, he quotes an line from a cartoon. I never knew how epic that line was.
  • At 6:00, the audience realizes something tragic and funny.
  • At 7:36, he rips my heart out.
  • At 8:41, something awful is said.
  • At 9:15, he preaches the truth.
  • At 10:00, he has a message to every kid who was ever bullied.
  • At 10:49, you have to do what he says.
  • At 11:28, he gets to the beautiful, beautiful point. And everybody gives him a standing ovation.
  • You can see the original version of his beautiful animated poem here. You can buy it here. And you can share his inspiring message by clicking the share buttons below.


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