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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Board Budget Meeting Presentations

Last night I attended the local school board meeting to support teachers presenting to the board on budget recommendations. It is an annual thing, teacher groups present to the board to try to keep their programs alive... with cut-backs, it is really trying to not get cut...

It is so upsetting to witness the decline in services to our students as a result of continued underfunding from the B.C. Liberals... 

Teacher Librarians, Music teachers, Home Ec teachers, Teachers-Teaching-On-Call, Staff development, speech pathologists, student services and more presented to the board. I loved the prezi's anamoto's and various forms of presentations used.

Thank-you to all the teachers who after a long day in the classroom, made it out to the evening board meeting, which went very late, to speak so passionately about their programs and their students.

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