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Sunday 1 September 2013

Reflecting on Summer....

Back to School Tuesday!

In June I posted this "A Teacher's Summer Bucket List " as well as my own "Summer List" Here

So... How did I do?

Well, summer seems to pass by faster and faster each year, but I did try this summer to do as much as I could! I think it is so important to relax, rejuvinate and have fun in the summer...

  1. I did not organize my garage of resources. Though a few teacher friends have offered to come help me soon.
  2. I did go camping for 5 glorious days with two other families! 6 adults, 6 children, 3 dogs. It was amazing! One of my longest friends and his wife and two children were one of the families we camped with and they are pro-campers, so we ate in style! Slow smoked pork sandwiches, ribs, steaks, and late night campfire snacks like bean dip and potato skins... delicious!
  3. I did not plan for the upcoming school year. I am on recall and there is no job for me yet, so I can't plan as I don't know what class/grade/school/subject I will be in, when I am in...
  4. I read a few novels, not as many as I hoped, but I really enjoyed them!
  5. Beach trips were few and far between, the weather was beautiful, but almost too hot to go to a busy beach. We did go to the lake while camping a lot though!
  6. Summer Conference and FIT were awesome! I really enjoyed Kamloops
  7. SDCC (Comic-Con) was epic! I had the most amazing time with friends and attending panels, celebrity filled parties and cool exhibits.

Also, not on my list but quite rewarding:

  • Scrapbooking with my daughter
  • BBQs
  • movie dates
  • hanging out with my husband, daughter and our puppy at the dog park, river, trails and lake
  • coffee dates with friends
  • tutoring
And now, it is back to school... I am excited for my daughter, entering her final year of Elementary School and I am anxious to learn where I will be teaching this year.... Good-Bye Summer!

What did you do this summer that was most enjoyable?

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