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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Tech Tuesday: KidBlog, Augmented Reality, CargoBot and more

These are three programs/sites I have NOT tried. I found them via #cdnedchat link to Two Guys and Some iPads.

KidBlog allows your students to set up their own blogs.

It allows students to create their own positive digital footprint. Kidblog allows students to embed video, slideshows, artwork, etc. As the teacher, you have control of all the privacy settings for your class. It also creates an excellent digital portfolio of of each students writing.

Cargo-bot is a great iPad app to get students introduced to basic coding skills. It sponsored by code.org, which is a non-porfit foundation dedication to growing computer programming education. It is the first app ever created solely on an iPad using the app Codea.

It features 36 fiendishly clever puzzles, haunting music and stunning retina graphics. You can even record your solutions and share them on YouTube to show your friends. (http://twolivesleft.com/CargoBot/)

I encourage you to check out the original post which lists these and more cool tech tools to use in your class. They also explain each one and give links to reviews and to download or sign-up.

Source: http://www.twoguysandsomeipads.com/2013/08/5-free-tech-tools-for-this-school-year.html

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