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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Showcase Student Work

One thing I have had very little experience with is 'bulletin boards' Granted, as a TTOC I have put up some student work on bulletin boards for a teacher I was in for, and in my grade 6/7 temporary contract I did a few boards myself for our class work, but I can honestly say, talking to my friends who teach Elementary School, I am very inexperienced in the ways of the walls.

I am always amazed at the bulletin boards some teachers create and though I could do a blog post on some of the awesome ones I have seen (I often take photos of them!) I decided instead to show some new, interesting ways to showcase student work besides fancy bulletin boards.

This first one is using clothes lines to put up work hanging in the class.

This next one is awesome, if you have enough clipboards, you can put them up and decorate them. What I like most about this is that each student could have their own clipboard and decorate it. Then they just clip their work on to show it off, this may mean several different piece of work being shown as each student could choose what to clip up.


Similarly, this is a way for each student to have a "spot" to show their work....


What other ways do you showcase your student work?

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