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Monday 15 April 2013

Classroom Management Ideas for (mostly) Primary classes

This awesome blog lists some cool Classroom Management techniques that would work in a variety of classes.

1. Behavior Clip Chart
 All of kids start on green- Ready to Learn, and there are possibilities of them moving up and down. This chart has: orange (great choices), purple (excellent effort), and gold (super star)! blue (warning), yellow (slow down), and red (parent contact: think sheet). The students have individual behavior calendars and they color their behavior calendar everyday. Parents get to check the calendar daily. If a child has 5 red days in one specific behavior (correlated with behavioral standards), She marks that on the report card. 
*As a TTOC how might you use this? I was thinking of drawing a ladder on the board that students could go up and down? Thoughts?
2. Brownie Points
This is such a cute concept. I love that it is a baking sheet with brownies on it!

3. Brain Spray
This teacher blogger posted the following:
I purchased a $1 spray bottle in the toiletries section of Target and filled it with water. I sprinkled some multicolored glitter and ta-da! BRAIN SPRAY. Now... what can you use brain spray for? Anything that you want :) I primarily save my brain spray for testing and times where I really need my kiddies to "think". I literally will mist each of the kids with the spray and say that the magic spray will "activate their brain" and make them think better :) Works like a charm! My sticker label that I made fell off in my move, but I have made a new label that I am going to cut out and mod podge on the bottle. Click here for your label!
4. Power Pellets
She also writes:
This is a brand new trick that I just started and it is BEYOND genius! The original idea came from here and I basically I made a fun label (I thought power pellets deserved a "powerful" superhero type font and lightning strikes {you can't see my lightning strikes on the side, but they are there!} and filled with Skittles aka POWER PELLETS. Whenever my students are in the "power position" (aka "listening/focused" position on the carpet), they can earn a power pellet to help keep them attentive and focused. WORKS AMAZINGLY!!! Try it. ASAP. It is life-changing :)
5. Silent Sprinkles
This has rice and sparkles and a taped lid so it doesn't actually pour out. I used something similar when I used to babysit young kids and called it dream dust to help them sleep. I like this idea, the teacher blogger says she sprinkles it on students heads when they g4t too noisy.
6. Quiet Critters
Kind of like "Warm Fuzzies" Originally from here. Basically, you make the quiet critters with a pom-pom, heart-shaped foam piece (for the feet) and mini wiggle eyes. Tell my students that my "quiet critters" need a friend to take care of them, but they only can survive/like QUIET friends. 
7. Happy Rocks

This idea came from the Kinder Gals... Cute rewards and lot's of ideas on how to use them.

What ideas have you seen in classrooms, websites, or things you have tried yourself that work?

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