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Sunday 14 April 2013

How I Got Schooled.....

With one month until Provincial elections, you can expect to see more than just some classroom management ideas and art lessons on my blog. As an educator, I am passionate about supporting public education and tired of the repeated underfunding of programs. Students are our future society and without public education the future is dismal.

I hope that, in addition to lesson plans and fun classroom activities I post on this blog, you will also enjoy some of the political posts I share and remember to vote May 14 for a government that will support public education and our future!

This is a must see blog: http://www.howigotschooled.ca/

How I Got Schooled
The BC Liberals have been in power for the length of a Kindergarten to Grade 12 education. Forced to grow up in a period of reckless education cuts and policies, kids have taken notice. See the impacts of misguided policy imagined through student eyes, and learn what parents and teachers are doing to usher in a government that values education.

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