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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Globe & Mail: I get laid off each year. Should I Quit being a teacher?

I have recently posted links to articles about lay-off's and the amount of new teachers who leave the profession within the first five years, but this was a nicely written piece I thought I would share.

I often get emails from new teachers who ask me advice. All I can do is listen and tell them that only they can make the decision (to change careers, change districts, go back to school to upgrade, add, change skill set, etc.)
Globe & Mail posted:

Ask an Expert

I get laid off each year. Should I quit being a teacher?

The Question:
I’ve been a high school teacher for three years. The first few years were so tiring and stressful that I didn’t have time to think about whether I liked the actual work or not. I have found a better work-life balance, the job is less stressful and I can enjoy it more. However, being a new teacher, I find myself laid off at the end of every year and I spend the summer in agony about whether and where I will have work in the fall.The work has its ups and downs but the job insecurity is the hardest part. I don’t love it enough to put up with the system much longer. It’s hard to know when I’ll be hired permanently, and even then you can get bumped around if your seniority is low. I’m wondering whether I should cut my losses while I am young and go back to school and start a new career. or stick it out and find ways to cope with the job insecurity.
The Answer:
The first few years of teaching can be about getting your feet wet; learning to apply your teacher training to real life; learning to deal with demanding workloads and more.
All this, coupled with the extra challenges of changing jobs and readjusting each year – no wonder you are feeling stressed and uncertain. But before you jump ship to start a new career, take a step back, get some perspective and reflect on some important questions.

Read the rest of the response HERE

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