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Saturday 8 June 2013

Technology is being used in a number of educational ways....

I love this. Many students in my grade 8 class continue to amaze me with their use of technology.

This week one student came up to me to explain that while reading Tlinglit legends (as part of a project she has chosen to take on in conjunction with our novel study 'Touching Spirit Bear') she couldn't "get" the moral of one of them... another student piped in "ya it makes no sense, there is really no lesson" (he is NOT doing this project, but somehow knew what she was talking to)

Puzzled, I ask which legend and he pulls up the legend summary the first student had wrote, which he had in a skype chat and showed me the legend.

I noticed as I was reading that 6 students in class were part of the chat and had been collaborating and discussing as they worked through their final projects (which were all different projects, very diverse as they were able to choose from list or create their own final projects)

How cool!

Did You Know?

  • 1/4 of teens own a smartphone. 77% have a ‘cell phone’, more generically speaking
  • 63% of students prefer a blended learning environment
  • Virtual labs are allowing science experiments to happen across the country
  • 95% of teens aged 12-17 use the internet regularly
  • 1:1 device programs are allowing learning at school and at home
  • Only 23% of internet users and 7% of cell phone users say that they’ve taken part in a video call, chat, or teleconference

Source: http://www.edudemic.com/2013/06/types-of-connected-students/

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