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Sunday 13 May 2012

Silent ABC Game

Sometimes, as a TTOC you just need a quiet, but educational game to play with the young ones.

I prefer circle games, ABC games, brain teasers, but this game helps elementary school students learn how to alphabetize words, is engaging and interactive as they move around. The challenge is the "silent" part, but with reminders, it can be done!

You can use spelling words or words from other subject areas, just make sure they are age/level appropriate.

Each student receives a piece of paper or card with one word on it.

When the teacher rings a bell, the students silently arrange themselves into alphabetical order based on the words on their cards.

Once in order, the students work together to determine if they have accomplished their goal and are indeed in the correct order.

For more of a challenege have multiple words with the same first letter, so they must look at second letter and so on.

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