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Saturday 5 May 2012


I was teaching at Middle School Friday and we had Community PE, which is once a week when 4 classes share PE. The teacher I was in for had taught two classes a new game that week so we split into two groups of two classes and taught the other two classes the new game called "BIG BASE BALL"

I loved it!

I can only describe it as a mix of california kick ball, soccer and baseball, all in one.

Bare with me as I try to explain how to play...

1. Two teams. One is on the bench, the other in the field.
2. Everyone on the bench gets a turn then the teams swap bench/field.
3. There is a net (or cones) set up beside the "home plate"
4. There are 4 GIANT bases. In the gym it was the yellow semi-circle/3 point lines at each of the 4 baskets  (not end baskets for a full gym game)
5. One player goes up and kicks the ball (like California kick ball, but no pitcher they just kick from home plate)
6. Player can run as many bases as they want as long as they are ON a base before the field team throws the ball into the net.
7. When the ball goes into the net, any bench team player NOT on a base is out. Field team can throw, kick, or walk up and PUT the ball into the net to stop play/get players out.
8. Each BIG BASE can hold as many players as they wish. Players can pass others, share bases, stay on a base or choose to run a base or more during any play, but they may not steal or come off the base early.
9. If the kicker's ball is caught by any field player the kicker is out.
10. If the kicker's ball hits the back wall of the gym it is a home run/grand slam.
11. We set up a "foul zone" which had two purposes. First, if the kicker did not kick it out of this zone, they were out. Second, the field team could not enter this zone until the ball exited this zone frmo the kick. This prevents field team from hovering and stopping kicks.
12. Kicker's could kick behind them, to the side, anywhere, as long as the ball made it past the "foul zone" line. Some even kicked/punted so the ball slowwwwly moved toward and finally outside the foul zone.
13. Once everyone has had a turn the teams switch (bench/field)
14. Each person who runs into home is one point.

Let me know if any of these instructions don't make sense or if you have any questions leave them in the comments and I will explain further. I will also try to post diagrams if I can.

This game was so much fun! I can't wait to teach it to more students!

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