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Sunday 25 May 2014

A Surrey Teacher's poem - I will always be a teacher

Michelle Mirabueno, a Grade 1 teacher at Woodland Park Elementary in Surrey, wrote this poem in response to the news of ‪#‎ChristyClarksLockout‬
I will always be a teacher
You may try and cut our wages
Threaten, bully and scare
Without stepping in our classrooms
To see why we fight and care
I will still teach all my students
I love the job I do
I teach my children to stand up for themselves
When they cross paths with bullies like you
We will not back down in defeat
We will not let this go
You make a mockery of what we do
Turning it into a media show
My classroom is not for sale
I will not sell out the children's needs
For every child is worth the fight
Despite the trouble this may lead
I wish you had the teachers
Who would have fought for your needs too
Because somewhere down the line
A teacher helped you become you
I will always be a teacher
I will always fight the fight
To ensure the children of our world
Can learn what's wrong from right
So when they grow and make a choice
Of what they'd like to do
Surely one of them will have more integrity
To do the job in place of you

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