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Thursday 22 May 2014

A typical classroom - Class Size & Composition DOES matter!

By Kwyn Denny Maxwell
Here is a my beautiful, energetic grade 4 classroom, if I gave it colours. This is a fairly typical class, some are harder, some are easier.

Yellow - my ESL students who receive 45 minute of extra support per week.

Blue - Students in my room who are at least 2 years behind in 1 or more subject ares. They receive no extra support.

Pink - students with challenging behaviours who disrupt the classroom regularly. They receive no extra support.

Orange - These are students who have been tested (or hopefully will be soon) and have a designated learning disability. They receive 1 hour a day extra support.

Green - These are my fully capable students who are meeting grade level and able to work fairly independently. They have stable home lives and are getting their basic needs met.

Red - These are my students who are facing hard things. Divorcing parents, deaths of close family members, poverty. These 'things' are impacting their learning.

This again is a fairly typical classroom these days. Please - class size and composition DO matter!!!! It is not all about getting a raise.

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