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Tuesday 20 May 2014

Defining Ways Educators Can Tug Education Back in the Right Direction

I stumbled across this awesome blog post the other day and really enjoyed reading it. I found myself nodding, reflecting on things I do and don't do, and decided I needed to share it with you.

Take time to listen & learn every week 
Learn from intriguing people. Your energy and excitement is often in direct relation to the ideas you’re bringing into your life. Teachers learn best from other teachers and educators from other educators.
Teachers must be a living model of lifelong learning. To do this, we have to carve out time to learn. Administrators and others should leave behind the misconception that a teacher should always be working. Sometimes they should be learning if they’re going to be a great teacher. The best teachers are great learners.
Share your learning & inspire others
Educators who care, share. Take time to share your favorite books, internet radio, and resources to help inspire those around you.
First, share with your colleagues. Your peers don’t need a consultant — THEY NEED YOU. If you’re excited – you should be sharing.
Make copies of inspirational best practices and put them in the teacher’s lounge boxes.  Share something new you’ve learned every day with someone. Include people who don’t connect via social media. [Love this idea, I have colleagues not on social media and this is a brilliant way to share, sometimes I forget about how it was done pre-internet]
Second and perhaps most importantly, at least once a week share something you’ve learned with students. In my classroom these conversations will start like this:
  • “I’ve been reading the book __ on __. I find ___ fascinating.’ or
  • “When I learned ___ it blew me away (I’ll show the article on the board if it is online). What do you think?
Then, encourage them to bring things in they’ve learned too. “Show and tell” should become “care enough to share.”
Let’s be the lead learners in a society needing to see living examples of lifelong learning.
When you get the spotlight, grab a mirror
Some love the spotlight. But remember that hundreds of thousands of incredible educators are doing a great job every single day without encouragement or thank you. Most of us would agree that introverted genius teachers are under-recognized.  So, we can spotlight more teachers in two ways: grab a mirror or make more light.

Grab a Mirror

To be inclusive, when you gain a spotlight by winning an award or being given the chance to speak– grab a mirror. Shine some  light on those who inspire and help you. Point out teachers who deserve it. Mention your favorite teacher when you’re receiving recognition. Don’t teachers deserve some credit?
There are more ideas on the list at the original blog. Read the entire post here!

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