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Wednesday 22 April 2020

Get Outdoors: Gardening

I once worked at a middle school that had team gardens where they grew vegetables. Not only that, but through a community grant, and support of woodworking classes from a local high school, the team garden beds were built on the school grounds and then maintained by the classes. As a home ec teacher at the time, I was fortunate to be able to build gardening and the produce they grew into our classes. We used the vegetables for wraps and salads, we learned about growing and caring for our gardens. Such a fantastic opportunity!

Another school I worked at, I took my middle school class to plant trees for Earth Day. I still talk to a few of those students who have since graduated and moved on to be young adults and they still talk about how awesome that day was. Getting outdoors is so important!! And memorable!

I have compiled a few resources below around gardening, there are so many more out there! I encourage you to research.

I also have to thank teachers in the SEL course I instruct for some of the specific local resources from their communities.

How to Start a School Garden Project

This is an amazing program in BC that comes to your school and runs workshops and helps you grow with your class!

Spuds in Action
Great information on gardening and growing your own food:
Our Eco Village:  Vancouver Island center that helps children learn about sustainable farming and the relationship between food production and human needs. Has hands on and on site programs. https://ourecovillage.org/

Another great local resource with workshops and educational resources: https://sierraclub.bc.ca/ 

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