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Thursday 9 April 2020

Self Regulation Tools

I am trying to schedule a weekly post each Thursday on Self Regulation Tools that you may find beneficial to try out with students who are struggling with anxiety, hyper activity, distraction, or feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Here are a few tools for this week....

 Image result for fitness dice

Fitness Dice

These are great for movement breaks and can be used in the hallway, open area of the classroom or outside.

Find It

A great way to focus your mind or help a child who is feeling emotional or overwhelmed.


Meditation Drawings that help focus and calm individuals

Glitter jars

Easy made glitter jars are great for calming individuals who may be overwhelmed, emotional or struggling to manage their hyperactivity. It is great for meditation and can also be used for a timer (waiting for all the glitter to stop moving)

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