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Thursday 16 April 2020

Self Regulation Tools

Here are some more tools to try with kids who need to focus or feel overwhelmed. I just love all the sensory tools available nowadays to try out.

noise cancelling headphones

Image result for noise cancelling headphones for kids


These are great. Not only to offer quiet time for students, but personally, I love them for travel on an airplane or when working from home. I didn't realize just how amazing they worked until I tried them myself. So helpful to shut out the sounds around you and focus.

Wobble Cushion


These are comfortable to sit on, offer sensory support and allows some movement or fidgeting. It can be used on a chair, stool or floor and usually has a bumpy and smooth side to choose from.

The past few weeks I have shared some more tools but what about activities?

Here is a great blog post on some great Self-Reg activities:

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