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Wednesday 20 February 2013

BINGO Trivia

If you have read my blog long, you will know that one thing I really enjoy is creating engaging activities out of otherwise "boring" classes.

As a Teacher-Teaching-On-Call (TTOC aka substitute) you often go into a class and are left with students in a "study block" or where they are doing a "review worksheet" Often this has students bored, restless and leads to more opportunity for classroom behaviour concerns.

Similarly, as a classroom teacher, this is another fun way to review and study.

I found this activity online and thought it would be another fun way to make a class more engaging. You can use spelling words, facts on the subject they are studying and so on.

Bingo Facts. This is a fun way to help students learn and recall weekly spelling words, vocabulary, math facts, geography, science facts, or any other information. Before you start, fold a paper so that sixteen squares appear. Cut along the fold lines and number each square; put your squares into a container. Have students create a “bingo sheet” by folding a piece of notebook paper in half repeatedly until sixteen folded squares appear. Ask the students to write a small number in the upper right-hand corner of each square—in random order. Be sure to tell them to leave room within the square for writing an answer.
Pick a square from your container one at a time, say the number of the square, and ask a question (e.g., a spelling word). Students must write the answer (e.g., the spelling word) in the square corresponding to the number you called. Whoever has completed a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row—with correct answers—wins! Be sure to check for accuracy before declaring a winner. This is an easy game to play with all age groups (perfect for Grades 2–8).

Other games that can "engage" students when you are left with a "study block"

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