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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Busy Work Ideas for TTOCs to try

In the Reality 101 workshop I do for TTOCs we talk about what is in our 'Bag of Tricks' and how we stand out and connect with students in a variety of classes.

I always enjoy hearing some strategies new teachers and TTOCs use. I remember, to this day, a TTOC (sub) I had as a child who drew a parrot on the board. She told us if we worked hard that day she would teach us how to draw the parrot.... and she did! She taught us in a simple, step-by-step way that I still remember and doodle! So, of course, it is something I enjoy doing and when I return to a school, kids REMEMBER me teaching them to draw this parrot!

Another thing I like to pull out from time to time is sign language. As a kid, a boy in my class had a sister who was deaf and I learned some basic signs and the alphabet. My nephew is partially deaf and learns sign language with my sister, so I like to practice with them also. Sometimes I will teach students the letter their name starts with, or colours, or something basic they can use. 

Something else I have seen done by a TTOC friend of mine (though I don't have the skills to make it happen) is teaching the kid origami... love it!

Here are some more Busy Work Ideas:

  • Classroom Contest
  • Teach First Aid
  • Teach About Animals
  • Teach Foreign Phrases
  • Explore Encyclopedias
  • "What if" Talk / Essays
  • Read a Story
  • Draw Pictures
  • Make Improvised Music
  • Write / Read Limericks
  • Write Story
  • View Optical Illusions
  • Perform Magic
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Word Search Puzzle(s)
  • Play Bingo
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Play Hangman
  • Paper Airplanes (Contest)
  • Sing a Song
  • Play 20 Questions
  • Teach Juggling
  • Draw On Chalkboard

  • (From Substitute Teaching Tricks of the Trade) 

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